Tattoos – and on the road again…destination BC, Canada

This weekend we left beautiful Colorado and are heading to British Columbia, Canada. We stopped in Ogden, Utah and are currently in Kennewick, Washington before spending tonight in Canada, and tomorrow on to our AirB&B in Canada.

The past few weeks have been packed with visiting kids and grandkids and friends (Quinn and Ben, and 3 month old Caleb from S/Y Wanderlust-met in Martinique, now living in Colorado-it’s a small world!), and exploring Golden, Boulder, Morrison and discovering Grand Lake, Colorado in the mountains. Grand Lake is the largest natural lake in Colorado. Keep in mind that there are numerous man-made large reservoirs in Colorado.

Grand Lake, Colorado

After leaving Grand Lake we drove a longer route home through the Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) on our way back to Golden that afternoon. The road is twisty and curvy, and rises to over 12,000 feet. Amazing views.

Rocky Mountain National Park

We enjoyed sunsets over the mountains as well. Below is one taken at North Table Mesa trailhead outside of Golden:

Sunset from North Table Mesa trailhead

There is a creek running through Golden, named Clear Creek. And a local tube renting business alongside it! So last Monday, on a hot 90F day, we rented a tube each and spent the afternoon floating down Clear Creek (twice). It was a lot of fun! But of course, I couldn’t bring my phone into the creek, so unfortunately couldn’t get any photos.  But here is photo of the creek. Made for a really enjoyable afternoon.


Some of our favorite eating places include Barrels and Bottles Brewery in Golden. We’ve spent frequent evenings there, having a pint of home brewed beer or glass of wine, dinner and playing Mexican Train Dominoes. A fun place to hang out! Another favorite, beautifully classic restaurant is the Sherpa House Restaurant which is run by Sherpas of Nepal and the Himalayas. Take a tour through the photo gallery on that link, it was an amazing place, with amazing food.

But among all of our wonderful time spent here, we needed to deal with some medical issues as well. This time, it was Gregs turn. As previously posted, he had a skin cancer removed, and a tooth extracted by an oral surgeon. Both are healing nicely. We are hoping that will be the extent of any medical care we need this year!

While in Colorado, I was also able to finish Krisi’s knitted cowl that Mike had bought the yarn for. It turned out really nice!

Cowl done!

Now that I’ve finished the cowl, I have restarted on the lap blanket that I began while in Minnesota (you know, I HAVE to have something to knit!). It’s a seed stitch pattern on the outside of a beautiful celtic cable stitch running down the middle of the blanket. My goal is to finish before we leave for Aquataurus in January 2019. A good project for those driving in the car days!

Lap blanket-in progress

Also while we were in Colorado, Gregs daughter discovered that her mare was pregnant! She rescued her in about January this year, and a pregnancy test was negative. Yes, a FALSE negative, and while we were there, she discovered that she was going to have a baby in the next 2 weeks! Yep, one day she didn’t know her Annie was pregnant, the next day, she would be dropping a foal in the next 2 weeks! What a surprise! So we had the joy of meeting “August Surprise”, or “Gus” for short, a little colt, and here he is at 3 weeks old. What a cutie pie!


Lastly, I can’t forget about the Tattoos! Here are mine (yes, plural):

Left ankle: The lotus flower and sanskrit “Om Mani Padi Hum (compassion, in Sanskrit) are the old tattoos. The new is the silhouette and the sanskrit “OM”. Nice job Kidd!
Right ankle: The “Mitak’ Oyas’in” is old (means “we are all connected” in the Lakotah language) and the Native Medicine Wheel is new.
Left forearm

Because I cannot download the photos of Gregs tattoos, I will let him show and explain his, on his blog (link is on the right). So go there and see what he got, or just keep guessing :-).




Beautiful Colorado

Colorado has been full of adventures! Since arriving, we have experienced a damaging hailstorm right when we arrived, that totaled our son-in-laws car!!!!!!,

Hail damage: car was totaled!

have had some amazing hikes, visited with kids and grandkids.

After first arriving in Colorado, we were in an AirB&B in Boulder. Gregs son and his girlfriend flew in from Minnesota, so we were able to visit with all 3 of Gregs kids and families, as the girls both live here. We rented cabins in a KOA campground and visited Royal Gorge with the whole family and grandkids.

Royal Gorge at Canon City, Colorado
Campground: KOA cabins at Royal Gorge

While Gregs son and his girlfriend were here, we also had a great 3 mile aggressive hike up to the Royal Arch at Chataqua outside of Boulder.

Hike to the Royal Arch in Boulder, Colorado

My feet hurt so bad after that hike! But it was an amazing hike nevertheless. After hiking, I’m always wanting a foot massage but never get around to scheduling it!


After a few days in the Boulder AirB&B, we moved to a Colorado Springs AirB&B. While there, we mostly visited with Gregs daughter, who lives there, and her family. I taught my 12 year old granddaughter how to knit! And bought her circular knitting needles and yarn, and she is off to knitting herself a headband! And Gregs daughters husband bought her yarn and a cowl pattern, knowing she doesn’t knit, but that I would make the cowl for her! So yes, I’ll probably have it finished for her before we leave here.

Knitting a cowl for Gregs daughter

After Colorado Springs, we moved to our longer term AirB&B in Golden. A beautiful little home with a nice fenced in yard (so I can let Toto out without being on a leash). We will be here now until the end of August (we’ve been here over a week already).

Over the past week, we have done some hiking, drove up to Lookout Mountain and had dinner with the sun setting over the mountains.

Sunset dinner at Lookout Mountain, Golden, Colorado

We’ve also found some amazing places to eat! Including a small brewery called Barrels and Bottles, a Nepalese restaurant owned and run by Sherpas from Nepal and the Himalaya area, amazing place with amazing food.

One day Greg wanted to hike, so I found that the Annual Colorado Springs Intertribal Powwow was taking place in Colorado Springs. I dropped Greg off at the hiking trail, and spent the next few hours at the Powwow. I’ve always loved these events, even when I lived in Minnesota, so this was a real treat for me.

Forthcoming plans include beach time at a local lake beach area with family (kids and grandkids), more hiking…and more tattoos!!!!

Unfortunately since we’ve been here, Greg has had a skin biopsy which showed basal cell    cancer, so he needs to have that removed next week, and he’s had a sensitive tooth, which needs to be extracted, probably next week as well. Better here than in the Caribbean! We leave for Canada (BC) on August 31, so we need to have all these medical issues taken care of before then.

And I’ve found a local Yoga studio, and have attended yoga classes 3 times this week, and will continue this until we leave. It has felt so good!

So…until next time…we will have new tattoos!