Gregs blog link!

Just added Gregs blog link to this page, scroll down to the “Links” on the right side, an click on the link. His blog is titled: This Nomadic Life, also in Enjoy! His is a lot more detailed than mine is (does that surprise you?! :-)).


Settling in

Well, the days are getting to be routine now, we are getting used to AT, we have all necessities: water, power, gas, etc. I fried up potatoes for dinner last night, and made asparagus soup (ok, it was a packet left by Peter and Ruth, but tasted delicious when reconstituted!).


Yesterday we put on the mizzen sail and main sail. In between the rain showers. Was raining off and on all day (at least it’s not snow! I don’t miss that!), anyway, they are on. She looks like a sailboat now! One glitch is that the outboard to the dinghy isn’t working. We are going to have somebody look at it, but without that, we are pretty much out of commission, as this is our main mode of transportation when we anchor! And we extended our departure date off the docks to Feb 1, no need to rush things, we still have a lot of stuff to figure out and put back together to sail. I feel like we are truly “live aboards” now!

Also, yesterday, poor Toto woke up with his “gurgly tummy” that he occasionally has. Didn’t eat all day, pretty much slept all day. He’s better this morning, actually ate breakfast. I think the stress of the last week (driving to Illinois, flying to Miami, staying in a hotel, flying to FDF, staying at a bungalow and now, on AT), pretty much got to him. I guess it was kind of a stressful week-has it only been a week? Seems longer.

I’m progressing on knitting my socks-I’m almost done with the 2nd one. I’ll post a picture when I’m done. And I’ve already made 2 dish cloths for AT. But have yet to restart my shawl! Susie I haven’t forgotten that you want the pattern! I’ll get it to you!

So what do we do all day?

Oh my! Well, considering Greg flipped a wrong switch on the electrical a few days ago, we had no power, no water (because no water pump), we started our day going for coffee and planning our day…return the rental car, fix the electrical (Gregs job), buy groceries and do laundry. So it went like this…Greg returned the rental car, I waited on the boat for him to return to be with Toto. Then I left for the grocery store and Greg disassembled the electrical panel thingy (I’m no engineer!).

Talk about PANIC! Grocery store PANIC! I must have been like a deer in the headlights. I had no clue what to even look for! Everything was in French! EVERYTHING! I must have wandered for about an hour before I started putting things into a basket that I finally found by watching other people! So found food we could eat…lettuce, tomato, red onion, dressing, nectarines, apples, bananas…and of course the wine. And then there was more panic when I looked at the rum section! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY RHUMS THERE ARE HERE (They spell it rhum here)? I must have stood there 20-30 minutes! Hoping I’d  pick the right one!

SO-grocery shopping done. Now I had to get the stuff to the boat! They had carts I could use to take, and bring back. Whew, good. BUT you had to give them your ID or passport! Both of mine were on the boat! So I started lugging the stuff down to the boat, which is about 200-300 yards from the marina, and grocery store is across the road. I was sweating!

So once I got on the boat, groceries put away, I was NOT going to go back to the laundry mat and try to figure out how to put Euros into those machines! (I got laundry soap, by just finding a picture of clothes on the bottle, must be laundry soap, right?). So time to do laundry, in a bucket, on deck. Greg had gone searching for a fuse for the electrical only to find out all the chandlerys were closed 12-2pm! So I did the laundry in a bucket on the deck, we had a brief lunch of baguette, cheese and sausage, he left for the chaundelry and I finished laundry. Took me 2-3 hours to do laundry. 

Greg came back, FIXED the electrical! It works! Went back up to get some bottled water and by this time, 4pm, it was time for a G&T, so we stopped for one at L’Annexe, a popular bar on shore.

By the time we got back to the boat, time to take the laundry in, figure out plumbing and water, refrigerator, hot water.

Then dinner! So yep, that was our day! Pretty darn busy just trying to figure out life!

A productive few days!

I can’t believe it’s been only 2 days! So much has gotten done on AT. She is surely a gem and I feel so lucky to own her. Peter has kept immaculate care of her. I’m in love already! So we got to her for the first time yesterday morning (it seems like it’s been longer than that!). We opened her up, and proceeded to follow Peters Quick Start guide (amazingly detailed and thorough!) on how to commission her. We got the cockpit canopy up, and I started going through cupboards and bins. She has been amazingly taken care of and I hope we can do her proud as Peter and Ruth did.


Lastly yesterday, we hooked up shore power, and Greg had some issues with it (which I don’t understand), so has been in email communication with Peter, who has been so very good at responding quickly, and today, it was working! I’m glad that engineers know what they are doing, because I sure don’t! LOL.

Today, we got the dingy inflated and in the water.


And figured out, all by my self, how to put the back deck lockers! ALL BY MYSELF! I’m so proud of me! LOL.


So it has been a long, hot, hard couple of days. We come back to the Air B&B unit pretty tired.

img_3128But tonight is the last night here, then tomorrow we move aboard our new home, Aquataurus.

I’m so excited about this new life! What happens in April if I don’t want to leave? We have a lot of work to do yet, but we have plenty of time to do it. Today we discussed staying at the docks beyond what we originally thought, to give us more time to figure all the systems and things out. So on Monday, we’ll talk to the Marina to do that.

Tonight, I think it’s a knitting kind of night. I think I need to knit something mindless, so I’ll start a dishcloth to use on AT. Until next time…:-)

An amazing 2-day journey!

Well, the last 48  hours have been quite interesting, starting at O’Hare in Chicago, ending here in Martinique. Toto did fantastic with a little Benadryl on each flight, but handled the travel through airports and in a hotel like an old timer! He was calm and everyone loved him. All the worrying for nothing!


Checking in at the airlines Ticketing went like a breeze, and the agent was impressed with how prepared I was with all the documentation that I provided for Toto, both to Miami and today to Fort de France, Martinique. Customs was a breeze as well, and we arrived in Fort de France to a warm 85 F! A huge difference from Minnesota’s -10F!

We visited Aquataurus (AT)img_3124


before we came to the Air B&B


where we will be staying for the next 3 nights while we prepare AT to sleep aboard. We move aboard her on Sunday.

Ok, truth be told, now I am getting REALLY excited for this next life of ours! I’m loving this country already, so far anyway. I can’t wait to move aboard AT.

By the way, I did manage to get EVERYTHING packed, including all my knitting! YEA! Not sure where everything is yet, but we have time to sort things out.

Until next time! Au Revoir!

Knitting update

As we head into our final hours before flights out of the country, I thought I would update my progress on my shawl. It’s turning out beautifully, completed the 144 rows, picked up 72 rows on either side, and knitted across the 196 stitches, for a total of 336 stitches to now be knit! Here is a picture:


The chart for the next part is complicated as a chart, and I think I will be writing it out so I can follow it better.

I’ve also been busy finishing a pair of socks! This one has been sitting for a long time, I finally finished it, and am half done with the 2nd one!


NOW! I need to decide how much room I have, so I can bring these with me on my travels to finish! It might be tight, but in a few minutes, we will find out as we complete our carry on packing.