Christmas in Texas

We were blessed to be able to spend some Christmas time with 3 of our kids and their families last week in San Antonio, Texas. Weather was very pleasant, better than in Minnesota (had -50F with windchill on Saturday!), while we enjoyed 75 degrees the same day! We enjoyed some shopping in the quaint town on Gruen, TX one day. Seems many of the towns in that area have German names…hhmmm…probably settled by Germans!

Grandkids Lane, Carmen, Ramzee and Elly

Also able to enjoy making gingerbread houses with the grandkids, and of course, opening presents.

It was a house full!


Having fun with nieces and nephews
Gregs daughter Krisi with grandkids Nick, Elly and Ramzee
Lynda Jo’s son Clint (with Izzy), his wife Ashley and Gregs son Kenny

I am so glad we had this opportunity. This coming weekend and the next will complete Christmas with the rest of the family before we head south into warmer weather.

While we were there, Clint made some adhesive stickers with the name and logo of Aquataurus! I put one on my iPad and it looks pretty darn good! Good job Clint!




Knitted Christmas gifts

Well, I’ve had to take a break from my shawl that I was working on (I AM on row 111, of 144!), to make these cotton dish cloths!


I cannot keep these around! People love them and I just keep knitting, and knitting and knitting them! I put them in groups of 2, then wrap them with these ribbons. I must have given 10-12 sets away this year already! I gave them to my yogi class students at their last classes (on hold until returning from the Caribbean). But these should be the last of them. Now that I’ve finished these 3, I’m going to start back on my shawl.

Travel-prep for the BIG trip

So, Toto has made his first inaugural flight on an airplane!

img_2986We flew with him to Texas to have Christmas with the kids and grandkids. It was a 3 hour flight. He did pretty good, sleeping most of the time. UNTIL…somebody SLAMMED an overhead bin shut! He hates loud noises, so, from that time onward (about 45 minutes left on the flight), he was shaking and panting. Poor thing! But all in all he did pretty good! Getting ready for the big trip down to Martinique and Aquataurus! Let’s hope the return trip home goes a little bit better. Here he is at MSP airport, as we ate lunch.

Weekend with the grandkids and snow

Had a wonderful weekend with the grandkids.


Grandpa set up the race track and they spent a lot of time playing! Kendra kept pushing hers so fast it would fly off the track! But it was such a fun Saturday night. I’m glad we were able to spend it with them. They stayed over night, and for breakfast, Kendra had to have hard boiled egg whites (she doesn’t like the yoke!), vanilla yogurt, and homemade pickles dipped in mustard! She learned that one from grandpa!


We woke up to about 8-10 inches of snow, it was beautiful but grandpa had to snow blow!


After snow blowing, and the girls were picked up by mommy and daddy, Greg and I proceeded to continue with dismantling the house. We got all the pictures off the living room walls, and office walls. They all need to be bubble wrapped (we ran out!) and put into storage. Those rooms now sound so hollow! And we started packing up books that we will be keeping, and those bookshelves will also go (to sell). A big box of books will go to the local library, and another big load to my friend to her “little library” in her front yard. What a job! Next week, the granite counter tops will go in, so everything will need to be off the existing counter tops.

Looking forward to our next home! Aquataurus!





Had an amazing night on Friday evening with an awesome yoginis reunion! First with a Restorative Yoga class with Rosei, then out to eat. Here are my yoginis who took the Yoga Teacher Training with me, completing in October 2016, left to right: Rachel, me, Nysha, Rosei and Allison. Nysha flew in from New York for a week vacation here in Minnesota. It was an amazing evening and so good to see Nysha again! We are all RYT200 yoga teachers now! 

This weekend…

Plans are shaping up!

You don’t think about all the food that you have in the refrigerator and freezer! But with only 3 weeks to go before we leave, I started thinking about that! So, now we are down to trying to eat everything that we have, and buying minimally, so we’ll have as little food as possible to give away or throw out! We are trying to eat as much from the freezer as we can. Fish? All made up last night in a fish stew. Freezer jams? Some will be given away to good friends. So the menu each night depends on what we have on the shelf, in the freezer or refrigerator. AND I put all my scrapbooking supplies into one spot, with my jewelry making supplies. And I’m thinking, WHEN will I ever do this again? In reality? So, a friend has offered to take them all off my hands! YIPPEE! In addition to all this, we are beginning to get the house refinishing things done as well… quartz counter tops lined up? Check. Kitchen and master bath faucets purchased? Check. Hot tub winterized? Check. Interior painter lined up? Check. Carpet replacement picked out (for 3 rooms)? Check. Wood floor refinishing lined up? Check. As we continue to bubble wrap and pack storage boxes with what we will be keeping. I have one more batch of wine to be bottled before we leave, then I can check that off as well.

Oh and I added a “Links” link at the bottom of the page! I’ve added the link to my website “LN Wellness”, and will be adding additional links in the future!


It continues! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with all the family, I hosted, which I LOVE doing and will miss this part of having this HUGE house! But my sis and her husband, my mom, my daughter and family and Gregs son and his girlfriend all came for Thanksgiving! It was great to all be together! Didn’t have much of that 14 lb turkey left!

We knew that after Thanksgiving, the real purging should begin. And Friday it did…we have a charitable organization here in our local town, for used clothing. So a great opportunity to get rid of clothes we haven’t worn for a while, as well as what we know we won’t be needing in the future! It was interesting…7 robes, really? Why do I need 7 robes? Oh, yea, so 2 are going to the boat, 3 stay and I got rid of 2. And really, 30 t-shirts? By the way, I don’t WEAR t-shirts! OH MY! So, yea, I did keep 9 “just in case”, and all the others went to charity. And do I really need all these winter coats? So off some went (yes, I kept a few, might need them). AND what to do with all my scrapbooking, quilting and jewelry making supplies? Well, I guess they will go to the spring sale. But I’m NOT getting rid of my yarn!

Another thing  you don’t think about much is FOOD! Yea, food! Stuff in the freezer and refrigerator and being gone for 3 months! So, for the next 3-4 weeks, we have to try to eat everything that we have! No more buying groceries before looking in the freezer and refrigerator and trying to figure out what to eat in there FIRST.

Our first priority should be to clean out the rooms enough that the painter can come in when we are gone to paint the entire interior while we are gone: so furniture moved away from the walls, everything taken OFF the walls, etc. The rest we really can do in the spring when we return.

Took Saturday off and met my mom in Lanesboro to go to the play The Christmas Carol at the Commonweal Theatre. If you have never gone there, I HIGHLY recommend it! Amazing place, exceptional talent! I’m tempted to go again with Greg before we leave, if we have time.

And took Sunday off to drive over to Nelson, WI cheese factory where we felt we were already in France! Music playing, salad, bread and a bottle of wine! A beautiful relaxing end to a hectic weekend.