A BUSY week it has been!

Well, it has started! Last week I took 5 grocery bags of books to a friends “little library” in her front yard. And you know what? We STILL have a bunch of books…TOO MANY! Man, this purging thing can be stressful! And we went through our 2 corner cabinets in the living room over the weekend that were FULL. Went through all the pictures, photo albums, picture frames, etc. Both cabinets are now empty, and we have 3 large black bins full of what we will be keeping. Threw out a lot though…like what the heck do you do with negatives from years ago? Why are we keeping these? So we threw out a lot and sorted. Those cabinets look pretty good cleaned out! We also started bubble wrapping all of our Thai and Chinese gifts from our friends in those countries, and put them in bins. So much to do! It’s kind of overwhelming at times. We have 2 places in our local town giving us bids for a quartz counter top to replace our kitchen countertops, between Thanksgiving and the time we leave, and have a bid in for resealing our maple floor on the main floor next spring when we return.

I’ve started a new knitting project!

Only time will tell..will this project get completed?

Well, I’ve been away from knitting projects for quite a while. Only knitting mindless projects like bracelets and washcloths. But this past weekend, I started a wrap called “Watercolor Wrap”. I had to tear it out (frog it) once, then had to cast on 3-4 times before it was the right number of stitches (192). So, I am hoping to complete this wrap, it’s made with 100% silk yarn so should drape rather nicely. I’ll add photos as I go (I hope).

As I take this journey called “Life”…

Ok, so I’m new at blogs and have no idea what I am doing, but I’m going to try to make this work. We are recently retired (well, my husband flunked that and is back working FT for a while…”to gain experience” in a new career…hoping for Indep Consultant status some day), and I am a Yoga Instructor, Health Coach and Independent Consultant. We are planning to down size from a 6 BR, 3800 SqFt home on 2 acres. It is just too much for us and we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t want all this “stuff” and the work that comes along with it.

So, that being said, we are looking at our life without a house: planning on putting it on the market in 2017…but then what? We have lots of options, and some more serious than others. ¬†Getting rid of all our “stuff” is a whole different ballgame and one for a different post!

One serious consideration is living aboard a sailboat, at least part time to start (with aging parents, children and grandchildren to see).