A different adventure-rock climbing!

This weekend Gregs son and his girlfriend came home, and we went rock climbing at a local climbing wall gym! It took me almost an hour and a half to get so that I wasn’t scared and actually climbed to the top of these climbing walls, and was able to free fall down to the bottom!

Greg took a video of my last climb and I uploaded it to YouTube, and here is the link! Enjoy!

Settling back in to land life

So we’ve been home a week. Before we left we needed to store anything extra away so the painters could paint the entire house a neutral color to put it on the market to sell. We had 3 carpets replaced and The Arborists groomed our trees lining the driveway.

So much of the big stuff is done. The only remaining big job is the main floor wood flooring needs to be refurbished, scheduled for May 15, which means we can’t list our home with the realtor until a week after that. So first of June we plan to list it with the realtor unless someone comes forward with an offer before then.

I miss the sea but there is so much to do here! Interestingly I can’t find anything I’ve stored away before we left! Totos leashes, poopy bags (where are they?). I’m sure I’ll find them soon!

Today we listed our beautiful motorcycles for sale on Craigslist, one of many of the things we have that we need to sell!

We also started the yard work to prepare the home for the best possible visual appeal, considering we have 2 waterfalls and a large beautiful flower garden. Front yard:

Back yard:

Rainy days in Minnesota 

We arrived to overcast skies and rain last Sunday. It hasn’t stopped! I miss Martinique already! 

Visited friends and family over the past few days. 

Now at my moms until tomorrow when we drive the final hour home. Not sure what we will find when we arrive. I know for certain we have no food, so we need to get groceries!
Like all the work we had in preparing Aquataurus to sail, now we will start lists for our land home to get it ready to sell in the next 4-6 weeks! It’s a big house, and a big yard, so it will be a lot of work! It will be bittersweet as it is a home we built together with so many memories over 17 years. But it’s just too big for us now at this stage in our life, and we have moved on to the next chapter in our lives. 

Aquataurus is prepared for hurricane season!

We finished cleaning, storing and completing all the technical details for storage on AT about noon on Wednesday. Over the past 5 days, we usually have left our unit about 8-9am, and complete our work for the day about 2-3pm, during the hottest part of the day.  We are very glad to come back to an air conditioned unit! Yesterday (our first day with no work on AT), we headed for the beach in St. Anne. Probably our last St. Anne beach day for this season:


Last night, we spent a wonderful evening with friends Tobi and Judith at the new local restaurant called Numero 20. There serve some excellent “small plates” called tapas, kind of like appetizers. Here, we are waiting for their arrival.


It was nice being back where we started this adventure, in the Le Marin Marina.


I will miss this place, but will look forward to returning next season to finish the final preparations for launching Aquataurus for the 2018 season. It will be a lot of work as we will need to prepare the bottom with scraping, repairing, and repainting. Here is a photo of some work that Greg did when we first hauled her out. The left photo is before ANY scraping, brushing and cleaning was done. This is what it looks like after months in the salt water. On the right is after 3 hours of scraping and cleaning that day-last Friday, March 24-the day that she came out of the water. It was a LONG day for Greg and he was glad when we were able to quit early that afternoon.

Then, he spent another 4 hours on Tuesday finishing up cleaning the hull. And, this is how she looks for hurricane season, ready to be prepared for repainting when we get back:


Toto has truly become a “vessel dog”, very comfortable on the boat, and does his “business” regularly on the afterdeck or foredeck without hesitation…




…and has become addicted to baguette! We will also miss the wonderful French baguette that we have come to love daily here. What will we do when we get home? Oh my, I guess we will have to visit the local bakery daily or every other day! We can’t open the bag to cut the baguette without Toto right there, waiting for a piece of that wonderful crusty bread!

Some additional photos that are very near and dear to my heart, and I hope you enjoy! We will miss you AT! Until next season!


As we begin the next adventure, stay tuned: we fly home to get our house ready to sell. Hopefully it sells quickly…and then…? Only time will tell…

Sad day😥

Today we haul out Aquataurus, yesterday we removed sails, picked up the rental car (for the week), I cleaned the forward cabin and head, outboard is on deck and the dinghy is on the main halyard ready to be put on deck this morning.

The last sunset at anchor in Le Marin:

It’s a beautiful calm morning today! AT has truly become “our home”! We haven’t slept without the gentle rolls of the sea for 3 months! This will be very difficult for me!

I am sad to leave, but know more adventures await us and we will be back soon. Next steps are to pack and clean up AT for hurricane season.

La Mauny Rhum distillery 

Pronounced “la mow knee”, this is the oldest rum (spelled rhum in French) distillery in south Martinique, still producing rum. On Tuesday, because Greg sister Janet had her flights rebooked because of a snowstorm in NYC, we took the day to visit this rum distillery near Rivière Pilote.

La Mauny Distillery was established here in 1749 and is surrounded by sugar cane fields.

We had a nice private tour with Philippe, one of the staff who spoke pretty good English. 

We saw the sugar cane stocks being brought to the distillery, being unloaded, and learned about the fermentation process.

Afterwards we had a nice lunch on the property and then rum tasting. Their rums are exceptional and they don’t import off the island. So we will be bringing some home!

It was a good day. We ended with a beautiful sunset and a card game of rummy to finish Jans last day in the Caribbean.

Jan then left early Wednesday morning. Throughout that day we again, had intermittent showers. What a year it has been!
Because of weather and the fact that we need to be here next week to haul AT out for the season (March 24), we decided not to try to sail to St. Lucia. We hope to have a more normal weather pattern when we return next season so we can sail there comfortably. So we will stay anchored where we are until next week, with some beach time and beginning to prepare for everything we need to do to secure her for hurricane season.

It feels like we have been here for such a short time! And now getting ready to leave her. We will make the most of the next week here on the water. After haul out, we stay at an AirB&B as we go back and forth to the marina getting her secured.