So we have a private showing on our house for sale on Saturday, and an Open House on Sunday! Let’s hope this results in some offer activity!

I’ve also updated my professional website (lnwellness.com) and have included some download links on the “Yoga” tab, and hope to add more soon! Also check out my yoga classes there! Yesterday was International Day of Yoga and I taught 2 classes, my regular Wednesday morning Senior Yoga and another to the staff at the local prison. Both were amazing classes!

Looking forward to a vacation/holiday out west the end of July to mid August! Time with grandkids and being in the mountains! Stay tuned!

And now we are listed on the MLS!


So above is the link for the official listing of our home on the MLS homes for sale listing! 

And below is an alternative link if the above does not work!


Happy birthday to me!! (Won’t say how many!)

Today was an awesome day as I met my mom for lunch (darn I didn’t get a photo!) and had a wonderful dinner tonight prepared by Greg! Amazing local grass fed filet with grilled asparagus and bell peppers! And of course a good Napa Valley cab! Thanks to EVERYONE who sent birthday wishes via text, cards or phone calls. Love you all!

Tonight’s relaxing evening before we hit the hot tub with celebratory champagne!

OH and a packing update??? We had 3 bins FULL of photo albums. Idea! Remove all the photos and put into ziplocks. We are now down to 1 bin! Packing continues to be a work in progress.

Settling back in to land life

So we’ve been home a week. Before we left we needed to store anything extra away so the painters could paint the entire house a neutral color to put it on the market to sell. We had 3 carpets replaced and The Arborists groomed our trees lining the driveway.

So much of the big stuff is done. The only remaining big job is the main floor wood flooring needs to be refurbished, scheduled for May 15, which means we can’t list our home with the realtor until a week after that. So first of June we plan to list it with the realtor unless someone comes forward with an offer before then.

I miss the sea but there is so much to do here! Interestingly I can’t find anything I’ve stored away before we left! Totos leashes, poopy bags (where are they?). I’m sure I’ll find them soon!

Today we listed our beautiful motorcycles for sale on Craigslist, one of many of the things we have that we need to sell!

We also started the yard work to prepare the home for the best possible visual appeal, considering we have 2 waterfalls and a large beautiful flower garden. Front yard:

Back yard:

Rainy days in Minnesota 

We arrived to overcast skies and rain last Sunday. It hasn’t stopped! I miss Martinique already! 

Visited friends and family over the past few days. 

Now at my moms until tomorrow when we drive the final hour home. Not sure what we will find when we arrive. I know for certain we have no food, so we need to get groceries!
Like all the work we had in preparing Aquataurus to sail, now we will start lists for our land home to get it ready to sell in the next 4-6 weeks! It’s a big house, and a big yard, so it will be a lot of work! It will be bittersweet as it is a home we built together with so many memories over 17 years. But it’s just too big for us now at this stage in our life, and we have moved on to the next chapter in our lives.