Knitted socks DONE!

Well, they are done! BUT I won’t be wearing them while I’m here. These will be going home with me! I can’t imagine wearing socks down here, it is so hot!


So now on to the shawl! I’ve re-started it, and hope to be done soon! The instructions are not so complicated, and it is looking beautiful so far!


Here are the instructions:





Settling in

Well, the days are getting to be routine now, we are getting used to AT, we have all necessities: water, power, gas, etc. I fried up potatoes for dinner last night, and made asparagus soup (ok, it was a packet left by Peter and Ruth, but tasted delicious when reconstituted!).


Yesterday we put on the mizzen sail and main sail. In between the rain showers. Was raining off and on all day (at least it’s not snow! I don’t miss that!), anyway, they are on. She looks like a sailboat now! One glitch is that the outboard to the dinghy isn’t working. We are going to have somebody look at it, but without that, we are pretty much out of commission, as this is our main mode of transportation when we anchor! And we extended our departure date off the docks to Feb 1, no need to rush things, we still have a lot of stuff to figure out and put back together to sail. I feel like we are truly “live aboards” now!

Also, yesterday, poor Toto woke up with his “gurgly tummy” that he occasionally has. Didn’t eat all day, pretty much slept all day. He’s better this morning, actually ate breakfast. I think the stress of the last week (driving to Illinois, flying to Miami, staying in a hotel, flying to FDF, staying at a bungalow and now, on AT), pretty much got to him. I guess it was kind of a stressful week-has it only been a week? Seems longer.

I’m progressing on knitting my socks-I’m almost done with the 2nd one. I’ll post a picture when I’m done. And I’ve already made 2 dish cloths for AT. But have yet to restart my shawl! Susie I haven’t forgotten that you want the pattern! I’ll get it to you!

Knitting update

As we head into our final hours before flights out of the country, I thought I would update my progress on my shawl. It’s turning out beautifully, completed the 144 rows, picked up 72 rows on either side, and knitted across the 196 stitches, for a total of 336 stitches to now be knit! Here is a picture:


The chart for the next part is complicated as a chart, and I think I will be writing it out so I can follow it better.

I’ve also been busy finishing a pair of socks! This one has been sitting for a long time, I finally finished it, and am half done with the 2nd one!


NOW! I need to decide how much room I have, so I can bring these with me on my travels to finish! It might be tight, but in a few minutes, we will find out as we complete our carry on packing.

Knitted Christmas gifts

Well, I’ve had to take a break from my shawl that I was working on (I AM on row 111, of 144!), to make these cotton dish cloths!


I cannot keep these around! People love them and I just keep knitting, and knitting and knitting them! I put them in groups of 2, then wrap them with these ribbons. I must have given 10-12 sets away this year already! I gave them to my yogi class students at their last classes (on hold until returning from the Caribbean). But these should be the last of them. Now that I’ve finished these 3, I’m going to start back on my shawl.

I’ve started a new knitting project!

Only time will tell..will this project get completed?

Well, I’ve been away from knitting projects for quite a while. Only knitting mindless projects like bracelets and washcloths. But this past weekend, I started a wrap called “Watercolor Wrap”. I had to tear it out (frog it) once, then had to cast on 3-4 times before it was the right number of stitches (192). So, I am hoping to complete this wrap, it’s made with 100% silk yarn so should drape rather nicely. I’ll add photos as I go (I hope).