Prayers for Aquataurus and all in the Caribbean

As we enjoy our time here in BC, Canada, we have been watching this hurricane season, which has been relatively quiet…until now. We are now closely watching “Invest 92L”, which is currently off the African coast, moving westward. This is how they name tropical depressions before they become storms or hurricanes.

Chris Parker is an accurate and widely known meteorologist who monitors weather in the Caribbean. This was posted on FaceBook today by him:

“Chris Parker’s SSB net this morning warns E Caribbean about Invest 92 ( currently 35°W-14°N)
His prediction? 70% Tropical storm or Hurricane makes a landfall St Lucia or Dominica or somewhat Northward around Wed Sept 12 or Thurs 13
However, that’s 5 days from now and predictions can change. It could strike anywhere!”

Martinique is between St. Lucia and Dominica. Some we know in Martinique are sailing south to Grenada this weekend.

This is a future prediction image, of what it could look like by next Thursday, Sept 13. We hope it takes a more northerly route. You can see “Castries” in the yellow/green area, that’s in St. Lucia, 23 miles south or Martinique.


So say a few prayers for Aquataurus, and for our friends and all in that area. Thank you!


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