Our time in MN is coming to an end

Our time here has just flown! During our time, we were able to “race” the J30 sailboat (Winsome) that we raced years ago, in a “fun race” one Saturday, with our friends Lloyd and Carolyn. And get this, WE WON! Just like the old days when we won each race about 20 years ago. While on the docks in Lake City, we saw the previous boat we owned before Aquataurus, “Second Wind”. She is docked right next to Lloyd and Carolyns slip, so as we were coming in, I was able to get this shot of her.

She is for sale again! Maybe we should buy her back? Naw–I don’t think so.

During our time in MN, we were able to enjoy my youngest granddaughters 8th birthday with a picnic in a park. It was a fun time, with my daughters family, Gregs son and girlfriend, my daughters husbands mom and her boyfriend, and the 2 grandkids, and the 2 dogs (Toto and Lily-Gregs sons).



We’ve been able to get together with parents and have some good times. Here is a photo from a fun crazy Friday night with my mom and her good neighbors!


And we were able to visit Gregs parents and grill out.


While in Minnesota, I was able to get together with good friends…


…and spend more quality time with my daughter and her husband out on the town in Minneapolis.



We spent time hiking at Taylors Falls, Minnesota, and was able to spend a night in St. Cloud with Gregs son and girlfriend, working to get his house ready to put on the market to sell, and while there, after a day of manual labor, was able to enjoyed a night of jazz with them at a local cocktail bar called “The Veranda”.


Our “home” has a fire pit, so we were able to spend some cooler evenings enjoying it, but the mosquitos were quite aggressive this year, so probably didn’t spend as much time at the bonfire as we would have liked.

I was also able to spend time with my oldest granddaughter for her 11th birthday (these kids are getting so big so fast!), taking her out to sushi and then saw the movie “Mama Mia; Here We Go Again” with her. We will miss her real birthday in August, so it was a very special time with just her and her Nana. A night to remember!

Afton has a nice little wine bar called “Swirl”, so we spent some quality time there, as well, over the past 2 months.

Despite the rain, mosquitoes and frequent storms, it has been a great 2 months visiting family and friends and getting to know this part of Minnesota. There hasn’t been a day that goes by that we don’t see Mrs. Doe and her 2 fawns. They are getting big!


Hiking with Toto in Taylors Falls, MN
A hot air balloon above our “home”
Swirl Wine Bar

Tomorrow we start heading toward Colorado, where we will stay for the next month. While driving there, we will be staying with family each night until we arrive next Monday at an AirB&B in Boulder. A very special time indeed, being able to see family as much as we have.


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