From the sea…to the woods

Since arriving back on land, we’ve driven from Florida to Minnesota, visiting family on the way. We found a cute old farmhouse just East of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) on AirB&B and we will be staying here until the end of July when we drive to Colorado.

I couldn’t figure out what seemed so strange to me. Lately I’ve figured it out…the stillness. We are situated between 2 bluffs on the St. Croix River, in a heavily wooded area. So, it is very quiet, and STILL! Very tranquil. And after blowing winds almost constantly over the last 4 months, the (what I’ve discovered) stillness was just SO STILL. But I am getting my land legs back under me, and am enjoying this change.

Unfortunately it seems like since we’ve arrived in the U.S., we’ve had clouds and rain! I miss my sun! So we had plans to do some hiking and biking, but it’s been so rainy, it’s just not possible! Our “home” is close to a State Park, but we haven’t had a chance to get there because of the weather! And because of all of the recent rains, both the St. Croix and the Mississippi Rivers have flood warnings! They are really high!

We have experienced some great nature while here, we have resident does (deer) that we see at least once a day, and Greg saw a pair of fawn twins in our yard last week (sorry about the poor quality, he took it through the screen).

Mother doe and her twin fawns

We’ve also had some nice long walks as well bike rides despite the weather (dodging the rain showers), enjoying the nature on land.

Afton bike trail between Afton, MN and Hudson, WI
Canadian geese and their goslings, while on my daily walk
Summer butterfly on a flowering plant in our yard.


Hoping that we get more normal summer weather while here in Minnesota!





One thought on “From the sea…to the woods”

  1. Your spot looks very pretty! Enjoy the seclusion while you have it…. I am still adjusting to having so many people very close to us. It is a really nice opportunity to enjoy the beauty of land though.


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