A busy 3 weeks but finally back in the good ole U.S. of A.

After a long day yesterday, we finally arrived at Gregs brothers home in Florida late last night, to the first tropical storm of the season, Alberto! It’s been windy (mostly) with occasional showers since we arrived.

But since the last entry, we have been busy cleaning, putting away and securing AT on the hard. The last thing we did on Friday morning, was haul the dinghy up from the docks to AT (we had a cover template made for the tubes-will be ready when we return January 2019), cleaned the bottom, used a halyard to pull it up to the foredeck, deflate it and secure it with lines for a potential hurricane. I was exhausted. It’s been an emotional and physically draining 3 weeks. We felt everything was done, what could be done, by about 12:30pm, so headed back to the AirB&B to visit a beach one last time.

Over the past week, we ate out a lot, found some great restaurants and exceptional food in St. Anne, and enjoyed the last of our Caribbean sea sunsets.

Caribbean sunset, St. Anne, May 2018

Right after our return to our AirB&B, our neighbor, Julie (from France), came over and brought us each a type of “Mango Ti Punch” with mango’s and rhum. What a nice treat with lunch! We returned the glasses and they invited us to stay for a bit and visit. Jean-Claude speaks some English, where the others (Julie and another couple from France-just arrived) spoke French. Greg did really well with his french conversation! But for my sake, Jean-Claude spoke some English. It was a nice visit, with nice French folks. Guess I may just have to brush up, seriously, on some French!

Then we headed to the last beach visit. We went to one of our favorite beaches called “Basilica Beach”, just a short 10 minutes drive from our unit. It felt fabulous to be in the sea again (and yes, that is a sailboat ashore, from the hurricanes last year-might just be a permanent fixture on the beach?).


Yesterday morning, we met a good friend, Kenn (just met early this year-has a boat on the docks) for coffee. And another Frenchman we met last year-2017 (Gwendel-who plans to sail this year yet, to Guatemala) also coincidentally came to the restaurant we were at with Kenn. It was good to visit, and say one last good bye to both of them. With this lifestyle, I’m not sure when or if, we will ever see either of them again. But we do have contact information and will keep in touch via email.

Kenn (left), Gwendel (middle) and Greg at L’Anexxe for one last visit and good-bye

It has been a great year with AT, we met numerous friends over the past 4 months, that we hope to keep in touch with and perhaps meet again next sailing season.

Our 4 hour flight got us in to Miami about 7:30pm. It is really strange being able to read all the signage, and hear “English” being spoken. AND to have good internet access again! I think that was probably the toughest part of the last 4 months!

So, what does the next chapter look like? Who knows! Our plans are to return to Minnesota until the end of July 2018. Visiting family and friends. So, stay tuned for the next chapter in this crazy gypsy life!


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