More adventures from St. Lucia

Right after my last blog, we pulled anchor in Les Anses D’Arlet in Martinique, and sailed to Rodney Bay in St. Lucia, about 5-6 hour sail. Unfortunately, we saw no dolphins or whales during our sail.

While in Rodney Bay, we met up with friends Sue and Peter on Lorensu, and Carin and Guy on Makin Smiles. Spent a few days there, said our good-byes to Sue and Peter, as they were heading north back to Martinique to prepare Lorensu for haul out and to fly back to Bermuda for the hurricane season. Until next season…

IMG_9297 2
Lorensu heading in to Rodney Bay Marina to clear out of customs, to head north to Martinique for the end of the season.

We decided to head south, but weren’t sure where yet (Souffriere or Marigot Bay). Guy and Carin had sailed to Marigot Bay a few days before we were leaving, and they emailed us to say how beautiful it was, it’s a hurricane hole full of moorings. And for the cost of the mooring ($30USD/night), you get full access to Capella Resort Capella Resort, Marigot Bay, St. Lucia. This includes excellent wifi, their workout room, spa, and 2 resort pools. One has a swim up bar and 2 for 1 happy hour from 4-5pm! Like a little vacation! So we sailed to Marigot Bay, and had the BEST sail yet this season! Great winds, easy calm sailing, no big waves or gusty winds. It took only 2 hours to get there, with that sailing we could have gone on for hours!

And Guy and Carin were right! Marigot Bay is amazing!

IMG_6039 2
Marigot Bay sunset

We had met with our friend Louis, a Canadian on Katarina, who helped secure a driver for a St. Lucia tour one day, with Guy and Carin. Smally, the driver, was amazing, he took us to the Sulphur springs, the mud baths, where we painted ourselves with sulphur mud, and he took black sulphur mud and “decorated” us! What a bunch!

IMG_3171 2


and the botanical gardens.

It was a great day.

While in Marigot, we met other Canadians, Americans and Australians (usually at the 4-5pm Happy Hour at the pool)ABCC3A3C-D6A0-44F3-8962-FD19F0FD0AE6 2

and at the end of that week, there were 12 of us! The night before pretty much every one was heading north or south for hurricane season, we all gathered at the Indian restaurant in the Bay, Masala Bay.Masala Bay restaurant, Marigot Bay, St. Lucia It was amazing Indian food! The best we’ve had in a long time…and in the Caribbean! Who’d a thought!

IMG_6542 2
Gregs name for our group: “The Marigot dozen”

Greg and I went back a second time before we left Marigot Bay.

I could re-write everything that Greg has in his blog, about all the wonderful people that we met there. But instead, I’ll head you over to Gregs blog, where he finally writes a “non-technical” blog post! Head over there to read about the people that we met.

We spent another week at Marigot Bay, and it was pretty lonely after everybody left! Sailboats are required to fly a flag from the country where the sailboat is registered. This is how we meet other sailors! I usually look for an American flagged boat, then head over on our dinghy to say hi! That is how we met now good friends Guy and Carin on Makin Smiles. So, after everybody left, I look around to see if there are any other American flagged boats in the mooring field (by this time, it’s pretty empty there, maybe only 2-4 other boats, everybody is moving to get their boats ready for hurricane season). Yep, there is a catamaran so over we head. We introduce ourselves to Charlie and Karen, and had a nice chat. They invited us over for happy hour for more visiting. Come to find out, they are from Wisconsin, near Hudson, and Charlie raced in the St. Croix regatta on Fast Lane for years! And we raced on Winsome for years! It’s a small, small world! So we spent time with them while in Marigot Bay and are keeping in touch via email.

Also while in Marigot Bay, one afternoon, we see a sailboat called “Lionheart II”! OH MY! Jesse Martin was the youngest person to sail around the world (circumnavigate), solo, non-stop and unassisted, and wrote a book “Lionheart” about it. Jesse Martin/Lionheart story . We saw (Lionheart II), his 2nd sailboat. He sailed back out of our harbor (didn’t pick up a mooring), so later on Greg and I took our dinghy out to the anchorage right outside the mooring harbor, and he was anchored there. I had to meet him! So we dinghy’d out there and said hi and chatted a bit. I wanted to take a photo, but that would be just weird.

And as we were returning to our boat, what do I see moored? “Sophisticated Lady” with Rick Moore Rick Moore/Sophisticated Lady YouTube Channel We have been following a few YouTube sailors and their adventures since about 2015, and Sophisticated Lady is one of them. So I FaceBook texted Rick, and he replied back, and we visited for a bit the next morning.

Aerial view of Marigot Bay and Capella Resort. We hiked up to the top. Aquataurus is circled

The adventures in Marigot Bay! The last 3 days or so of our stay there, it was raining, a lot. So it wasn’t all sunny and warm out. But that’s ok. It’s a beautiful place none the less. Great places to eat Doolittles Doolittles restaurant Pirates Bay Pirates Bay restaurant

Oh, and interesting, there is a water ferry that goes back and forth across the little bay, taking people back and forth. Just runs all day long and we used it a couple times, they picked us up at the boat and took us to the restaurants.

Marigot Bay water taxi

We really enjoyed our time in St. Lucia, and will make it a destination for sure, in future years.

From Marigot Bay we headed north to Rodney Bay to clear out of customs and get a few groceries, for only 1 night, before we headed north to Martinique. Our sail to Les Anses D’Arlet was as amazing as our sail down to Marigot Bay! Another perfect sail, and we could have kept going!

It felt like sailing on Lake Pepin for 4 hours.

Aquataurus (circled) in Les Anses D’Arlet


A Les Anses D’Arlet sunset



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  1. Hello Cousin from cold CHICAGO. Enjoying your adventures. Our boat going in water next week and hoping it’s warmer than 50. Everyone here are fine. Doing a sister trip 3rd week in May to Tennessee fitness. 8 hr a day of exercising and eating healthy. (We sneak in ETOH)😜


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