Hello from Aquataurus in St. Lucia…again!!

Aquataurus anchored in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Since our return sail to Martinique from St. Lucia in February, Gregs sister Janet arrived for her 2nd annual vacation on Martinique! We had some lovely days in St. Anne, doing beach time and water time off the back of Aquataurus-I even bought 2 noodles for us to use in the water. We found that the beaches of St. Anne are ideal for her vacation, and spent many afternoons in the water there and drinking Planteur Punches (rhum punches).

From St. Anne (south) in Martinique, we sailed to Anse Mitan (north) with Jan, also located on Martinique-on the south western shore. It was a beautiful sail, about 6 hours. We got a good anchor set (on the first try!) and we have been set here since.


We’ve taken the ferry from Anse Mitan to the large city of Fort de France, across the bay. Janet was able to do some souvenir shopping, AND I found knitting needles! I’ve been without since getting here, and haven’t been able to find any. But in a very tiny, obscure little fabric shop in Fort de France, I found the ONLY set of double pointed knitting needles! BUT…they are about 12 inches LONG!!! Really long! But I’m working with it, and am making yoga socks with them. It can be a bit clumsy, but they are working. I’ll be leaving these here so I have them when I need them.


Another thing I found while in St. Anne, is a guitar! YES!! Three times a week on the VHF is an English “Martinique Cruisers Net” for about 30-45 minutes, where English speaking cruisers can provide useful information, help, or sell things. Well, that day, a delightful couple from Canada announced that she wanted to sell her guitar (apparently she converted to a ukelele instead!). So that afternoon after the net, we went over to their sailboat, and I checked it out, and it was fantastic! Not too big, not too small. Now I just have to take the time to get back in to playing it! And bring more music with me from the US next year. I feel good!

Another thing that happened while Janet was here, was a general announcement on the VHF from a cruiser, one evening, for a medical person/nurse to look at theirs sons foot which was cut on the beach while playing in the water there. Being the nurse I am, I responded, and they came over to our boat where I looked at it, cleaned it, and bandaged it up. I suggested they see the doctor in Le Marin, and he needed a tetanus shot. Guess this experience reinforces that I really should take a first aid course when back in the states.  But it looked very clean! He was a young man with his wife, on vacation with his mom and dad in the islands. Bummer, he probably wasn’t going swimming the rest of this vacation.

We also visited our favorite rum distillery in Martinique: La Mauny! We stocked up on some our favorite rums!

Janet and Greg outside the rhum distillery tasting room

We arrived back in St. Lucia two days ago, on Tuesday, April 3.

And last night, had some stunning sunset views! Some suggest its from the Sahara dust that crosses the Atlantic. It was amazing:

St. Lucia sunset
Just before the amazing red sky sunset

And of course, Toto has adjusted well to the life of a boat dog:

Toto hanging on the aft deck
Let’s see what I can find out here!

Every country is different on its laws about bringing a dog to shore. St. Lucia is really strict, so during our time here, he stays on the boat, no shore time for him here. But I don’t think he really minds his time on the boat. The only time he minds it, is when we are NOT with him (when we go to shore). But other than that, he eats, pees and poops and pretty much sleeps ALOT! Getting old, I guess. But still in his prime!

Have met some amazing people from San Diego, Guy and Carin (aboard “Makin Smiles”), who we’ve had some good times with this afternoon, exploring our small area of St. Lucia, hiking, lunch, visiting and just having a good time. We hope to stay in contact and perhaps be able to visit them in San Diego when we are in the US at some point. It’s amazing the people/sailors one meets, from all over. Making for good friendships!

Plans are to probably stay in St. Lucia exploring, for the next few weeks, before we head north to Martinique to prepare for hurricane season and coming home to the US.

Until next time (promise I’ll try not to make it so long between blog posts, but internet is spotty at best in the islands).




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