Unexpected delays and Happy New Year!

So we are still in frigid Minnesota, with no flights scheduled yet to Martinique and our Aquataurus. So this happened: while in Martinique working on AT, I woke one morning to numbness and tingling on my ring and pinky finger of my left hand, that didn’t go away. So as soon as we arrived back in Minnesota, I proceeded to get diagnostic exams (x-rays, EMGs, ultrasound, MRI) to determine the cause. Luckily we have a good friend who is a consultant hand surgeon at the clinic (Mayo) and a racing sailor. He has moved mountains to get my workup tests expedited and we are so grateful for everything he has done for us to get us to Martinique as soon as possible.

Unfortunately all the testing hasn’t resulted in any definitive diagnosis. This is pretty frustrating! But in between all of the scheduled tests, we had Christmas with my daughter, Sheena, and her family.

We stayed with them (after her youngest, Kendra, had her tonsils out, we were able to be the babysitters).

Then drove to my moms (in southeastern Minnesota) for a few days for Christmas Eve,

and to Gregs parents for a few days (in Illinois) for Christmas Day. While in Illinois, we were blessed to spend an evening with good friends.

All of this travel hasn’t been without a bit of excitement! On our way back from Illinois to southeastern Minnesota, the weather decided to turn for the worse and we got light snow covering the roads. The temperature for the past 2-3 weeks has been 0 degrees F for a high, and -20 degrees F for a low at night (tonights and tomorrow nights lows are only suppose to be -12 degrees F). So with the cold weather, we usually don’t get a lot of snow, but we got enough of a dusting on our way home. I took over driving from Greg, and the car was sliding all over the interstate! I could only go 30 mph and got pretty freaked out, cars and semi’s passing me going much faster! I knew we needed new tires, so this was probably the reason (original tires with 48,000 miles on them). Greg took over driving and I started calling around where we were (maps on my iPhone) to see if anyone could put on new tires! Everybody I called was busy (because of the weather) and getting people out of the ditches, etc. So we did limp along, VERY slowly, and got to my moms, finally. Stayed there a bit then proceeded to Rochester, Minnesota (hour drive, in good weather), but the roads were much better and we got to our friends home within an hour and a half. Needless to say, 2 days later we got new tires and it is a HUGE difference!


So we are staying with friends and family, until it can be decided what to do with my hand! Surgery? No surgery? Further workup. Not sure at this point.

In the midst of everything else that has happened, Sheena’s oldest daughter, Tessa, ended up have an emergency appendectomy done on New Years Day, having such severe pain that a morphine drip couldn’t even touch it. Finally, after surgery, she feels much much better. We are currently staying with them (watching Tessa during recovery).

So this has pretty much been the last month. We are still waiting, and anxious to make the driving trip to Florida, where we will fly from Miami to Martinique.


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