Dremel Queen!

We arrived in Martinique Thursday, Nov 16, after a whirlwind of driving to Minnesota on Nov 3, visiting Gregs brother in Kansas City, and home to my daughter Sheenas for one night, to my moms for one night, to Gregs mom and dads in Illinois for 2 nights, back to my moms for one night, and then to Sheena’s again for one more night, then to Gregs son Kenny’s for a night. Finally back to Sheena’s to prepare for travel to Martinique. Did you follow all that?

We spent a wonderful evening on Wednesday with my sister Tammy and her husband Cliff. We hosted them for dinner at a great place called Butcher and Bourbon in Farmington. Great food, great drinks, great friends! They drove us to a hotel close to the Minneapolis airport, so we could take a shuttle for a 6:55am flight the next morning to Martinique.

We arrived in Martinique about 6:45pm that night (Thursday), and by the time we got the rental car and drove to the AirB&B it was close to 9pm. We were exhausted! We walked to one of our favorite restaurants at the marina in Le Marin, Kokoarum, for some dinner. I was getting anxious to see our Aquataurus the next morning!

We got to the boatyard and there she was!


Ready for LOTS of hard work. She’s steel, so any rust we see needs to be ground down to the bare steel, primed, then painted. The first day, we just got our bearings, took stock on what needs to be done over the next 3 weeks, then made plans for each day.

So we had a good last few days. Today I learned how to work the “Dremel”! I identified all the small rust spots on the deck and railings, and used the Dremel to grind them down. Remember this boat is all steel. So any rust must got. So, if you don’t know what a Dremel is, it’s a small hand held electric tool, with a sand paper thing on the end that spins round and round really fast. It sand blasts anything it touches. So when there was a rust spot, I dremeled it (is that a word?). It is an amazing little tool! Yesterday I sanded, by hand, some rust spots. This tool is AMAZING! And did you know that rust is like a cancer? When I dremeled a small spot, it got bigger because there was lots of rust underneath! WOW! I’ve become a Dremel Queen!

AND I discovered that if you don’t cover the spot that you’ve dremeled (or sanded by hand), the next day, its RUSTY again! So today when I found and dremeled everything I could find, I covered each one with blue painting tape. I did that a few days ago to some that I hand sanded, and they didn’t rust. So, I’m hoping that this prevents rust on the newly dremeled spots.

A lot of hard, hot work, but so worth it. This afternoon, after working on AT this morning, we took the afternoon off and went to the beach in St. Anne. A nice reward for work well done since Thursdays arrival.


But we have much yet to do…final sanding, priming and painting of the rust spots on the railing and on the deck; sand, clean and paint the deck, as well as the non-skid; wet sand the bottom (below waterline), prime and 2 coats of anti-fouling, sand; and,  paint the anchor, plus much more. We have only 3 weeks, we’ll see what we can get done.

But it sure is good to be back “home”, to our “2nd home”. I feel comfortable here, being back to familiar surroundings. I’m loving Martinique, the people, the island, the food, and yes, the language. I’m thinking I need to get serious about learning French.