Colorado time comes to an end

So the end of our time in Colorado included this hike to Royal Arch. It was an amazing hike, with lots of “stairs”. It was pretty aggressive but was totally worth it! Royal Arch Trail link

Royal Arch, notice the people on top, who hiked up there! Not me!
The trails to the Royal Arch. It was pretty strenuous, so glad I had my hiking sticks (photo of me hiking down)! Totally saved my knees!

Also during the last part of our trip, we brought our grandson, Lane, to Bishops Castle. Bishops Castle link It’s a spot where we took our kids, Clint and Sheena, in the 1990s. Back then, there weren’t 3 floors like there are now. The story is that this guy, Jim Bishop, has been building this castle over the last 60 years, by hand, stone by stone. It is free, and accepts donations to continue the building of it. The next plan is to build a mote around the castle, providing they have the donations to do this. Jim is still alive, and when talking to the gift shop cashier, when Jim is no longer able to build the mote, his children plan on continuing this project.

Next on the list was to visit Pearl St. in Boulder. Pearl Street is a walking plaza with many restaurants, artists and musicians. After a hike, we stopped for a bit of lunch and found this musician, playing the piano, upside down. It’s an amazing plaza!

Upside down piano player.

We also took the cog train to Pikes Peak. This is the 2nd time for this trip (first time was with Clint and Ashley, my son and daughter-in law a few years ago). If we were lucky, we might see some bighorn sheep. Apparently, this cog train concept is used frequently in Switzerland, where most of these trains are located. This cog train, is the highest in the world, at 14,100 feet, also has a perfect safety record.

Photo outside the window of the cog train going up to the summit of Pikes Peak.

We are above tree line here (about 12,000 feet) hence, no trees to be seen! I THINK we may have seen the backsides of 2 bighorn sheep, but they were WAY FAR OFF!

Photo at the summit of Pikes Peak, 14,100 feet. Greg in the foreground.

Being in Colorado showed some amazing mountain sunrises (see below). I will miss these mountain sunrises, but am looking forward to seeing those Atlantic sunrises next week! It’s coming so fast!

One last beautiful snowfall and hot tub time was also experienced in Colorado. It made me miss the winter hot tub times. I guess the next “land home” we have just might have to have a “little” snowfall during the winter, with a hot tub. It’s so ethereal!

Snow fall, photo from in the hot tub.
Cozy winter day, snow falling, reading, tea.

Finally, the last hike in Colorado. My feet felt SO GOOD coming out of those hiking boots! So, the boots will be retired into storage until next summer. Colorado has been an awesome experience. We will miss it, and look forward to returning next year. After the hike, we found one of our favorite places in Boulder, the Daneshab Teahouse, and celebrate with wine outside-one of the last 80 F days we will probably see until we arrive in Martinique on Nov 17.

Oh my feet felt so good out of those hiking boots!
Great wine at the Teahouse, on a beautiful warm day in Boulder, after hiking.


Final hike in Colorado.

The week before we left Colorado, I was fortunate enough to discover that Freddy Cole, jazz musician, was to be playing in Denver! We got tickets and had an amazing time. The venue was in a restaurant and the tickets we got put us front and center of Freddy. Dinner was great! He is 87 years old, brother of Nat King Cole, and still has a great show!

Greg, Freddy Cole and I, signing the CD we bought.


Freddy Cole preforming

So, on to the next chapter. We’ve spent the last 2 weeks (since we got back to Minnesota on Nov 5), visiting family in Kansas City (on our way to Minnesota), visiting parents in Minnesota and Illinois, visiting kids and grandkids in Minnesota. We are “living” with my daughters family while we prepare for our trip to Martinique on Nov 17 (5 days from now).

While traveling, I also tried to find and visit as many Yoga studios as I could (considering I’m a Yoga Teacher, I needed my yoga fix!). While back in Minnesota, I was able to attend a yoga class this weekend at my local yoga studio, Urban Yoga. If anyone is in the Rochester MN area and want an awesome yoga studio, I highly recommend they check out Destiny at Urban Yoga MN . Unexpectedly, I saw TWO super good friends! What a blessing that was!

So, next blog will probably show 85 degree days and amazing sunrises and sunsets! Stay tuned my friends!



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  1. Hi Lynda, what an amazing trip! I emailed you about your other URL, lnwellness, wasn’t sure I had the right email so wanted to check. If you could send me an email I would be so grateful! Thank you!


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