Ok so I’m having an emotional moment

As I sit on our porch, looking over our gardens, I think of all the work we put in. And I’m getting sad about leaving our home. Today the buyers sign the final papers, then we will be renters in our former home, for 2 more weeks. I look at the pergola, and think about Greg and Kenny building it. I look at our beautiful waterfall and think about our friend Marv building it. I look at our pavers of the patio and think of our friend Dave laying them. I look at our home and think about Greg and I designing it, 18 years ago, and contacting (our now friend), Todd, to build it. 

I think of the animals that have passed through our yard! Just this morning! Ben the bunny (I named him/her). Have seen him/her a few times this week.

Can you find him above? He’s at the end of the waterfall.

So many memories, so much love. I look at all my flowers, plants, and think about planting them.  I look at some of the plants I got from my mom, and think about her, and bringing them home from her house and finding a place to plant them. I look at the water lilies in the waterfall and think about getting them from my sis, Tammy.

Wow, yea, this is an emotional blog, but it’s an emotional time for me right now, as my final days in our home are limited.

BUT, life moves on, and the next adventure is about to begin! I will always hold a very special place in my heart for this home, the place where Greg and I started our life together, built together, nurtured together and grew in love together.

So, until next time…


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