Settling back in to land life

So we’ve been home a week. Before we left we needed to store anything extra away so the painters could paint the entire house a neutral color to put it on the market to sell. We had 3 carpets replaced and The Arborists groomed our trees lining the driveway.

So much of the big stuff is done. The only remaining big job is the main floor wood flooring needs to be refurbished, scheduled for May 15, which means we can’t list our home with the realtor until a week after that. So first of June we plan to list it with the realtor unless someone comes forward with an offer before then.

I miss the sea but there is so much to do here! Interestingly I can’t find anything I’ve stored away before we left! Totos leashes, poopy bags (where are they?). I’m sure I’ll find them soon!

Today we listed our beautiful motorcycles for sale on Craigslist, one of many of the things we have that we need to sell!

We also started the yard work to prepare the home for the best possible visual appeal, considering we have 2 waterfalls and a large beautiful flower garden. Front yard:

Back yard:


2 thoughts on “Settling back in to land life”

  1. I have been follow you guy’s on your adventure and just love that your doing what you want to do. The beautiful waters and sunset are just breath taking. I’m excited for you and wish you the best on your new adventure. I know what it’s like to get ready to sell and how much work it is, but it’s worth every bit. I look forward to keeping in touch and following you. We also have been on a new journey, we have sold the kennel and now live in Lake Havasu City as of April 2nd. I will send you contact info in a personal email. I feel we have a friendship relationship and what to keep in touch. Hope to see you again and Toto. send me your email just in case. Best wishes on the sale of your home. Sincerely Tammie and Dennis Berg


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