And so the adventure begins!

The last few months have been pretty quiet on here. What with preparing our home for sale, and keeping close to home in order to have it ready to show to potential buyers (everything put in it place and Toto needed to not be in the house!), it pretty much limited our ability to go anywhere without extensive planning. But this week, all that changed. We received an offer of our asking price on our home, and accepted it. It was a roller-coaster of a week, emotionally!


We will miss these sunsets on our front porch, but we will have many future sunsets to share!


So now what? Well, we’re off! Traveling that is! Near term, we are vacationing with grandkids, just us and them (no parents)! First, off to the Black Hills of South Dakota and then to San Antonio, TX. So stay tuned for blog updates on these exciting trips!

Returning after these vacations, we will be busy selling furniture and the rest of our possessions, deciding what goes in to storage, what stays with us in the Honda CRV as we travel, gypsy style, from place to place, and other logistics.

Additional photos of our home earlier this spring, and of course, Toto! Enjoy!




So we have a private showing on our house for sale on Saturday, and an Open House on Sunday! Let’s hope this results in some offer activity!

I’ve also updated my professional website ( and have included some download links on the “Yoga” tab, and hope to add more soon! Also check out my yoga classes there! Yesterday was International Day of Yoga and I taught 2 classes, my regular Wednesday morning Senior Yoga and another to the staff at the local prison. Both were amazing classes!

Looking forward to a vacation/holiday out west the end of July to mid August! Time with grandkids and being in the mountains! Stay tuned!

And now we are listed on the MLS!

So above is the link for the official listing of our home on the MLS homes for sale listing! 

And below is an alternative link if the above does not work!

Happy birthday to me!! (Won’t say how many!)

Today was an awesome day as I met my mom for lunch (darn I didn’t get a photo!) and had a wonderful dinner tonight prepared by Greg! Amazing local grass fed filet with grilled asparagus and bell peppers! And of course a good Napa Valley cab! Thanks to EVERYONE who sent birthday wishes via text, cards or phone calls. Love you all!

Tonight’s relaxing evening before we hit the hot tub with celebratory champagne!

OH and a packing update??? We had 3 bins FULL of photo albums. Idea! Remove all the photos and put into ziplocks. We are now down to 1 bin! Packing continues to be a work in progress.