First week adventures…

We left MN on Monday morning. The back of the CRV full, the roof carrier full of pretty much all our belongings that we will be living with the next 6-7 weeks, when we return to MN.


Drove to Rapid City, South Dakota (uneventful drive), and Tuesday we drove to Bozeman, Montana. The snow-covered mountains were beautiful!



From Bozeman, we drove a LONG 11+ hours to make it to our first Air B&B in Mossyrock, Washington. Our Air B&B is located in a very secluded, very quiet area.

Mossyrock is a very small town. We chose this location because it is 1.5 hours south of Mount Rainier, and 1.5 hours north of Vancouver, Washington (a place we may consider buying property at some day). Mount Rainier is where Gregs brother, Geoffs, ashes are. In 2015, the family spread his ashes there (Geoff passed away in 2012, very suddenly. He lived in Olympia, WA and loved Mount Rainier).

So first order of business after arriving in Washington, was to get our Washington Drivers License, and register to vote. So on Thursday, we headed to the Drivers License office located in Lacey, WA (just outside of Olympia). SO… I’m standing at the counter the lady looks at me and says, “your drivers license is expired”!!! WHAT??? Yep, it expired on my birthday this year. I never got a reminder in the mail, but then again, we were in the Caribbean until April, and it probably got forwarded to Kenny, or Kenny never got it. Well, that’s water under the dam, now I need to get this fixed. How? you ask? WELL!! I needed to go to a driving school (located 6 block away, thankfully), and take both the written and behind the wheel tests! YEP! Can you believe it! Well, it had to be done, I couldn’t be without a drivers license (as it was, I’ve been driving for 4+ months without one!). So, I take the written test, got 9 wrong (could only get 8 wrong to pass), so I had to take it AGAIN! At the instructors availability and she was busy. Needless to say, I passed with only 2 wrong the 2nd time. THEN I had to take the behind the wheel test, again, at the instructors availability. So, this was a all day affair, but I passed, then had to go BACK OVER to the Drivers Licensing office to get a drivers license. That went easily enough. But what a day that was!

The next day, we drove to Mount Rainier to visit Geoff. We drove first to Paradise Inn at the base of Mount Rainier, this was one of Geoffs favorite places. And I can see why. If you’ve never been here, I highly recommend it. It is a beautiful chalet built in 1917 without one nail. Great beautiful craftsmanship!

After having a beer there, we drove down to where we spread Geoffs ashes, had a beer for him, and had lunch. A beautiful spot that I’m sure Geoff agrees.


The next day we drove to Vancouver, Washington, to discover the town. We rode our bikes on the trail paralleling the Columbia River, saw sailboats, and apparently they have sailboat races on Tuesday nights during the summer! Vancouver had a good feel to it, so far.


Aquataurus and Irma


Last week we were anxiously watching the path that Hurricane Irma was taking. Since Irma left the Caribbean, we have seen the devastation she left behind on some of the beautiful islands that we had visited in the past which include the USVI and BVI. Before this, we had even considered sailing up to the USVI and BVI in the coming sailing season. But now, I don’t think they’ll have the resources for sailors, let alone their own population. That being said, we will probably stay in the southern Caribbean this coming season.

As you can see from the map above, Antigua and Barbuda were in Irmas path and were some of the hardest hit islands, with 90% of the islands destroyed. So Irma’s path was further north than where Aquataurus is located on the island of Martinique. We feel very lucky! We have sailing friends down in the Caribbean that we have been in touch with, and they are safe. There are others who have not fared as well, loosing their home/sailboat (but they are safe). We pray for those sailors as well as the locals who inhabit the islands. They count on tourism for their livelihood, so this will be difficult for them to rebound from. Below you can see Nanny Key in Tortola on the BVI, before and after photos. Total devastation. We’ve been here years past.


As we inhabit our home for the last days of our time here, we look forward to travel in the US, visiting family and friends before we return to Aquataurus for a few weeks in November and December, back to the US for Christmas, then for the sailing season in January 2018. The hurricane season lasts until the end of October, so we continue to watch the weather. Until next time…


Website (not this blog!!) to be inactivated

Well, my website has come up for renewal on Sept 28, 2017. I’ve decided that I’m going to let it lapse, and will not renew it. Therefore, this blog will be the place for people to stay in touch with us (not my website).

So it’ll remain live, until Sept 28, 2017. Just thought I should let everyone know. At that time, I will remove it as a link here on my blog, as well.

Ok so I’m having an emotional moment

As I sit on our porch, looking over our gardens, I think of all the work we put in. And I’m getting sad about leaving our home. Today the buyers sign the final papers, then we will be renters in our former home, for 2 more weeks. I look at the pergola, and think about Greg and Kenny building it. I look at our beautiful waterfall and think about our friend Marv building it. I look at our pavers of the patio and think of our friend Dave laying them. I look at our home and think about Greg and I designing it, 18 years ago, and contacting (our now friend), Todd, to build it. 

I think of the animals that have passed through our yard! Just this morning! Ben the bunny (I named him/her). Have seen him/her a few times this week.

Can you find him above? He’s at the end of the waterfall.

So many memories, so much love. I look at all my flowers, plants, and think about planting them.  I look at some of the plants I got from my mom, and think about her, and bringing them home from her house and finding a place to plant them. I look at the water lilies in the waterfall and think about getting them from my sis, Tammy.

Wow, yea, this is an emotional blog, but it’s an emotional time for me right now, as my final days in our home are limited.

BUT, life moves on, and the next adventure is about to begin! I will always hold a very special place in my heart for this home, the place where Greg and I started our life together, built together, nurtured together and grew in love together.

So, until next time…

Grandchildren Vacations!

In August, we were blessed to be given the opportunity to go on 2 separate vacations, with 2 sets of grandkids! The first part of August took us to South Dakota (a road trip) with my 2 granddaughters, Tessa (age 9, almost 10), and Kendra (age 7). She is my daughters children and full of life and joy!

Out adventure included seeing Mount Rushmore…


Swimming and meeting Taylor, a favorite friend from back home!


Going on a Chuckwagon dinner ride, they even got to sit up front with the driver on the way back! And what appetites! Kendra downed TWO hot dogs AND a steak!


We went horseback riding! Tessa on YouToo and Kendra on TJ, and we panned for gold!



We climbed Devils Tower in Wyoming


and slid down into Devils Bathtub after hiking there.

IMG_4847IMG_4863We had some fabulous breakfasts and dinners on our deck at the units that we rented. We were in 2 different units over the course of 6 days.


The last part of the month, we flew to San Antonio, TX, to be with Gregs daughters children, Carmen (age 11) and Nick (age 9). Krisi had to attend a class in Kansas, so we watched the kids.

While there, we were busy swimming…


and visiting this great water theme park called Schlitterbahn. Even grandpa and grandma had a blast there! Unfortunately, because it was a water theme park, we didn’t get any photos.

Carmen and I went to 3 yoga classes,


and I took her to an Essential Oil “Make and Take” class! The class was going to be on the news that night (KENS5 from San Antonio), and after the class, the man videoing the class presentation, asked me for an interview! So Carmen asked if she could have my autograph since I was now “famous”! LOL!!!

We went to a “make your own” pizza bar!


Seems like we were busy every day while there.

We were so blessed to be able to spend this unforgettable time with the grandkids. What a precious, unforgettable experience! We had so much fun with both sets of grandkids, we just wish we could have gotten all 4 of them together, they would have had so much fun.

Next blog…what has been going on since our return home. We close the sale of the house on Sept 1, so ALOT has been happening! So stay tuned!